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2019 Workshop: Performance Evaluation Methodology for Building Occupancy Sensing Systems for HVAC Controls
Jun 26, 2019, 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Kansas City Marriott Downtown,
200 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO 64105, USA


Come join us directly after the ASHRAE Annual Conference for the first of several workshops focusing on the development of test methods for building occupancy sensing systems. Assessments of occupancy sensor system performance include reliability measurement, energy savings potential, and HVAC system integration ability.

Participants from a wide range of backgrounds will represent manufacturers, vendors, researchers, building owners and operators, utilities, national labs, and more. 

Our ultimate goal over the next several years is to reach a consensus on standard testing methods for occupancy sensing systems used for HVAC applications in buildings - leading to the development of an ASHRAE standard or guideline in the future.

If you are available directly after the last session of the ASHRAE Annual Conference and would like to join as a supporting piece to our workshop, please RSVP above! Reimbursement funds are available for those who attend. Your experience, participation, and contribution to our vision is greatly appreciated!

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Workshop Schedule

Networking Lunch & Introduction

12:30  PM

Complimentary buffet-style lunch with open discussion.

1:00pm - Opening remarks and overview of ARPA-E SENSOR Program.

Dr. Marina Sofos

Iowa State University SENSOR team

1:30 PM

Presentation of approach, testing methods, and existing and future work.

Dr. Kristen Cetin

University of Alabama SENSOR Team

2:00 PM

Presentation of approach, testing methods, and existing and future work.

Dr. Zheng O'Neill

Coffee Break & Networking

2:30 PM

Coffee, snacks and networking

 Group Breakout Discussion: Part 1

3:15 PM

Group 1: Residential and commercial occupancy sensor system performance testing methods

Moderators: Dr Zheng O'Neill & Dr Kristen Cetin 

Group 2: CO2 occupancy sensor system performance testing methods

Moderator: Paul Kremer

Group Breakout Discussion: Part 2

4:05 PM

Group 3: Building Occupancy Simulation

Moderator: Dr. Jian Zhang, Dr. Bing Dong

Group 4: Occupancy-based controls

Moderator: Hwakong Cheng

Workshop Summary

5:00 PM

Final remarks, workshop summary, and next steps

Dinner and Social Hours

6:30 - 8:30 PM

(Not covered by the workshop)



Dr. Kristen Cetin

PI Iowa State University


Dr. Zheng O'Neill

PI University of Alabama


Dr. Marina Sofos

ARPA-E Program Manager


Paul Kremer

Iowa State University

dr jian zhang.jpg

Dr. Jian Zhang

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory



Hwakong Cheng

Taylor Engineering

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Dr. Bing Dong

University of Texas San Antonio 

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